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Millennium Science Building

Penn State University
University Park, PA

This project consisted of a new 275,600 square foot, 5-story Science Center. A total of 105 test borings were drilled for this project. Foundation recommendations called for micropiles, due to the anticipated loads and that the basement is expected to contain hazardous chemicals and vibration sensitive equipment.

Micropiles consist of 5” – 12” diameter steel piles which utilize an injected grout to create a frictional bond in good quality bedrock. Micropiles are advanced with a percussion hammer drill bit, or equivalent, through poor quality rock and soil and into an acceptable bond zone within the underlying bedrock. The steel piles follow the drill bit to the bottom of the bond zone and are subsequently withdrawn to the top of the acceptable bedrock elevation. Then grout is injected into the steel pipe and the bond zone within the bedrock. Steel reinforcement bars are inserted into the pile to create a bond between the grout and the steel pipe.

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