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Special Inspections (IBC)

The International Building Code (IBC) established special inspection protocol for materials, installation, fabrication, erection or placement of components and connections requiring special expertise to ensure compliance with approved construction documents and referenced standards.  Many municipalities have a requirement for certain code inspection to be performed by a third party.  Most of these services include soil bearing verification, reinforcing steel in footings, reinforcing steel in poured walls, structural steel testing, masonry (CMU) testing, dryvit construction inspection, and spray-applied fireproofing inspection, which can be provided by CMT personnel.  CMT's capabilities include Special Inspections, quality control/quality assurance testing and inspection as well as construction materials testing during construction.

The precision of our AASHTO-accredited, in-house facilities and state-of-the-art equipment make timely, accurate and cost-effective test results the standard.

You can rely on CMT to provide expert analysis for field and laboratory construction material testing services on soil, concrete, masonry, asphalt, aggregates, fireproofing, reinforcing and structural steel inspection and third-party special inspection.

CMT is presently accredited through AASHTO’s Material Reference Laboratory, (AMRL and CCRL), certified by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation as an approved testing laboratory.

The following information provides a brief overview of our testing services:

Field Testing of Construction Materials

Our ACI, PennDOT and Troxler certified technicians provide on-site testing and inspection services. All on-site technician services are scheduled through our Field Coordinator.

Laboratory Testing of Construction Materials

In accordance with CMT’s 82-page Quality Control Plan, all material samples are logged into system by our Laboratory Manager. Tracking sheets (or chain of custody reports) follow all samples to verify the proper tests requested and performed. All laboratory testing results are reviewed and approved by our Quality Control Officer for compliance to specified test methods and project specifications.

Soil Testing

Our engineers and technicians perform laboratory testing to determine engineering properties, to assist in the design process, and to determine soil suitability. Our technicians also perform field quality control, bearing verification, footing inspection and compaction tests utilizing nuclear density gauges to assure that the construction is in accordance with the plans and specifications. Our capabilities assist our clients in locating materials sources, and aid in providing recommendations relative to efficient and timely placement procedures.

Concrete Testing

Our ACI and PennDOT-certified technicians are capable of mix design verification as well as testing concrete at the construction site or batch plant to assure that it is of the correct quality and consistency. Concrete testing services are provided in accordance with applicable ASTM and ACI procedures.

As part of our in-house laboratory, concrete test specimens are cured in our temperature controlled 100% humidity chamber and tested utilizing our accredited CCRL procedures. Our customized concrete compression testing software, together with email capabilities, allows us to provide all test results usually within 24 hours. All test results are reviewed and approved as part of our internal Quality Control procedures.


CMT provides inspection and testing services for mortar samples, concrete masonry prisms, concrete masonry units, rectangular grout specimens, and both field and laboratory masonry mortar testing. If necessary, brick testing for efflorescence, compression and absorption is also available.

Bituminous Concrete Testing

Our technicians are capable of providing asphalt testing in our laboratory. Compaction testing on-site is performed in accordance with applicable PTM procedures to assure that the asphalt compaction and components have been attained in accordance with construction specifications.

Aggregate Testing

CMT has the capability of providing an extensive list of services on aggregates. These services not only include the gradation of materials but also tests to evaluate how the aggregates will perform. These tests would include soundness as well as abrasion resistance. Tests are also performed to determine suitability for use as driving surface aggregate in conjunction with the standards set forth by the Dirt and Gravel Road Institute.

Fireproofing Inspection

Our technicians are experienced in on-site inspection and verification of Sprayed Fire Resistive Material (SFRM) testing of thickness and density provided in accordance with ASTM E605, cohesion/adhesion in accordance with ASTM E736 and thin film intumescent fire resistive material thickness testing in accordance with the procedures outlined in AWCI Technical Manual 12-B.

Reinforcing Steel Inspection

CMT technicians provide on-site inspection of reinforcing steel placement. Reinforcing steel is verified for compliance with plans and specifications for size, number, spacing, overlap, projection and clearances.

Structural Steel Inspection

In accordance with AISC requirements, CMT provides inspection of bolted connections, welds, studs, and structural steel erection. We also provide testing of bolt torque and welds. These services are performed by a senior level technician working under the direction of a registered professional engineer.

CMT has AWS (American Welding Society) Certification and provides Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods for weld inspections.  This includes utilizing magnetic particle, liquid dye penetrant and ultrasonic techniques as well as visual inspections by our CWIs (Certified Welding Inspectors.)

Additional Services

In other areas, there may be a need to provide additional services, particularly whenever the local code office is extremely busy.

CMT is willing to work with any agency or owner to provide whatever services are needed on a specific project.

Please see our List of Technical Services for a more complete listing of all tests provided.

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