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Geotechnical Services

CMT’s team of experienced engineers, our own drillers and drilling rigs and our accredited laboratory to provide specialized testing, enables CMT to help our clients with an improved foundation design. The result is lower construction costs and avoiding expensive consequences on construction projects by providing expert analysis, recommendations and remediation.

CMT provides engineering analysis and recommendations for the following:

  • Foundation Recommendations
  • Ground Improvement Techniques
  • Shallow and Deep Foundations
  • Settlement Analyses
  • Groundwater Controls
  • Lateral Earth Pressures
  • Pavement Design
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Slope Stability Analysis and Design
  • Embankment and Retaining Wall Design
  • Load Tests
  • Geotextile Applications
  • Bearing Verification/Footing Inspection
  • Micropile Inspection
  • Drilled Pier Inspection
  • Pile Driving Inspection
  • Geotechnical Drilling Inspection
  • Installation of Monitoring Wells

Our engineering staff is licensed in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York and West Virginia and is experienced in projects for commercial, industrial, manufacturing, schools, universities, roadways, airports, bridges, residential, water and wastewater treatment facilities, etc.

Subsurface exploration through test borings is accomplished with our own fleet of two truck-mounted drill rigs and one ATV drill rig and is complimented by our drillers with 55 years combined drilling experience. CMT is on the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation list of approved test boring contractors.

CMT Laboratories, Inc.
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