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Graymont Kiln #7

Pleasant Gap, PA

This project consisted of the construction of an exhaust stack, bag house, stone bin with preheater, a firing hood and a rotary kiln with a height of 215’. A number of test borings had been completed in the vicinity of the proposed construction at different investigative phases over a period of four (4) years. The bedrock encountered during drilling activities was generally in a poor condition and contained a substantial amount of clay seams and discontinuities.

Due to the heavy column loads and assumed low tolerance for differential settlement for the stone bin with preheater, exhaust stack and rotary kiln support piers, several alternatives were considered in the foundation recommendations. The foundation alternatives consisted of shallow mat foundations with a system of over-excavation and replacement and deep foundations consisting of minipiles. The natural residual soils and poor quality bedrock were removed to a depth of underlying competent bedrock beneath the proposed bearing surface, after which the area was backfilled with lean concrete. The lightly loaded bag house was supported by shallow, spread footing foundations.

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