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First Quality Tissue

Lock Haven, PA

This project consisted of the construction of a paper goods manufacturing facility, consisting of seven structures, which were either steel-framed or pre-engineered structures. A total of 31 test borings were drilled for this project, during which the majority of the underlying materials encountered consisted of fill materials. Due to the poor engineering characteristics of the fill materials, subsurface improvements were recommended. Vibro Concrete Columns (VCCs) were considered the most feasible and technically sound method of subgrade improvement and structural support. VCCs involve vibrating a probe through materials, where it consolidates the granular soil and injects concrete through the tip of the probe. A pile cap or platform of concrete is typically formed at the top of the pile to provide support for subgrade materials and/or spread footing foundation.

Foundation recommendations for the steel framed structure included driven piles consisting of concrete filled steel pipe piles to support the proposed building loads. Wall loads were to be supported by grade beams attached to the pile caps. The pre-engineered buildings were recommended to utilize Vibro Concrete Columns consisting of either augered or probed installation methods

CMT also provided testing services during the construction phases of this project. These testing services included:

  • Compaction Testing and Verification
  • Deep Foundation Inspection
  • Verification of Proper Placement of Structural Fill
  • Concrete Testing
  • Reinforcing Steel Inspection
  • Grout Inspection
  • Structural Steel Testing and Inspection
  • Stone Subbase Compaction Testing
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